I am Mobolarinwa

Here is why my world should interest you

I’m a  young creative and innovative digital product designer based in the beautiful city of Lagos. I’m also a tech and electronics enthusiast,  and photographer. 
Of course not, these are not the only things to interest you about my world. There’s loads more

I’m a product designer with a  unique approach to user experience design. This unique approach stems from my attitude of digging into the roots of a problem and developing proper solutions to it. And, living in the heart of Lagos, I see the problems people face in their everyday lives and employ the power of technology to develop solutions to these problems.  
Yes, my human-centered design thinking, coupled with my background in industrial and visual design helps me design products that integrate the needs of users. And with my strength in consumer analysis, competitive analysis and identifying market opportunities, I am able to design products that customers have the best experience interacting with it in terms of usability, functionality, and adaptation. 
Apart from being the lead product designer at MAX.NG,   I have been privileged to work with various companies including Seamfix, Longbridge Tech, 5dots, Mikro Financials, Athur music etc.  And at this point in my career, I’m sure ready to explore Europe and Australia.
Lately, I have published UX case studies on Medium on how to improve usability and the overall user experience of certain mobile applications. In these studies, I  take you by the hand and walk you through the entire design process. I walk you through research (competitive analysis, user interviews, qualitative research, quantitative research ) through to design (ideation, wireframe), to prototyping, then down to validation( usability test).

Tech Enthusiast
New technological inventions make my heart beat faster than a greyhound winning a race. I love to accustom myself with the latest technologies as it gives me insights on new design opportunities. 

Fun fact; I was an electronics geek as a teenager. I loved to create, assemble, and repair basic household gadgets. As opposed to holding a degree in Industrial Design from the Federal University Of Technology, Akure, I initially wanted to study electrical electronic but was offered Industrial Design instead. Nevertheless, I constantly leverage on my interest in technology and electronic to discover new ways to approach and break through the constraints that exist in designing products.

Beyond product designing, I also love to create memories. I love to take photos where each pixel tells a story that would never be forgotten. 
With football being my favourite sport, I’m a huge fan of Liverpool Football club. The club's teamwork and tenacity contribute to my team play when working with other creatives. Outside football, I love Roger Federer and I'm a huge Rugby All black supporter.
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